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Celebrating Healthy Living For Active Older Adults
 Celebrating HealthyLiving For Active Older Adults  

Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes

Our Services:


1. Staff-to-Resident Comprehensive Communication Training: 

Working with personnel to help them further achieve the perspective of their senior residents in understanding that their abilities to manage even the simplest of daily tasks can be a challenge and teaching them to provide assistance in a way that allows the resident to feel independent, viable and safe.


2. Training programs designed for staff to help residents handle the psycho-social issues that cause anxiety which increases falls:

  • Reducing social isolation;
  • Frequent safety and fall risk assessments of residents rooms - not just the resident - especially after a documented adverse health event (i.e., a hospital stay, rehab, emergency surgery, etc.);
  • Providing liaisons between families, residents and their healthcare network;
  • Helping elders to cope with transitional trauma: older adults, suffering from chronic conditions, often end up shuttling back and forth from hospital to home for various health reasons especially as a result from falls. This cycle is extremely destabilizing and dramatically affects the healing process and greatly increases fall risk;
  • Helping the senior and their caregivers to better understand the seniors’ ability to reduce their own falls wherever possible.

​3. Post Fall Counselling:

Providing unique and specialized training in post fall counselling which has the power of achieving positive gait renormalization via cognitive behavioral interventions thereby greatly reducing Fear of Falling.  This program's interventions have been nationally recognized for it's efficacy and ability to help seniors avoid repeat and injurious falls.

4. ALF and Nursing Home Interior Improvements:

Analysis and consulting services providing cost effective strategies for fall preventive safety improvements and modest modifications in resident rooms and throughout the facilities.

Our strategies and training programs are

designed to achieve personnel and resident compliance. 

All the training programs can be conducted virtually.

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