Serving Senior Communities for Over 25 years
Celebrating 28 Years of Healthier Living For Seniors
 Celebrating 28 Years of Healthier Living For Seniors  


The ElderCare Companies have developed a comprehensive array of effective socio-medical and environmental interventions designed to reduce the frequency, severity and costs of falls among the elderly utlizing our unique S.A.F.E.TM (Stopping Accidental Falls in Elders) protocols.


ElderCare has successfully operated multi-site, multi-year, multi-million dollar fall prevention demonstration projects for Florida and Pennsylvania Medicaid since June of 2000. We have operated similar-but-smaller projects for county and municipal governments in New York and New Jersey since 1996.

In Pennsylvania, Florida and New York we have been able to reduce:

  • injurious falls by 54%
  • fall-related hospitalizations by 55% due to fracture and 64% for all fall consequences
  • nursing home stays by 65%
  • cost-per-case for Medicaid by 57% for nursing homes, 21% for hospitalizations, 32% for rehab and 75% to 80% overall.

In our Medicaid and related projects, we work closely with Medicaid HMOs and with nursing home diversion, dispersion, avoidance programs.

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