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The Need is Real and Growing

The geriatric falls health crisis in American is:

• huge

• growing

• costly

• deadly

Fall injuries are the leading cause of geriatric ED and hospital visits for injury in the United States.

  • 13+ million elders fall annually; about 9 million of those fallers report injury
  • 3 million visit a hospital sponsored emergency room annually
  • 80% of the elders leave the ED confused about what happened to them and what to do next
  • 50% do not fill their prescriptions or see their primary care doctor. These post ED fallers will fall again in the next six months (and ultimately account for 50% to 80% of the $29 billion annual Medicare and Medicaid costs of falls)
  • Another 1.4 million elders visit the ED annually for episodes of dizziness and syncope which have not yet resulted in a drop event, but which put the elders at high risk of falling.

Geriatric fallers, in the ED, are admitted to the hospital about 30% of the time. Fallers represent 730,000 hospital admissions annually and 400,000 nursing home admissions. 


Geriatric fall injuries rose by 46% from 2001 to 2011 (a rate more than 700% of elder population growth).


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